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We do not sell you a page in the book, we sell you the solution of your marketing tasks for the most profitable “rate”: maximum solutions for a minimum of funds
You do not spend money on advertising for us, you invest in the promotion of your goods and services


Our co-founder is the Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rostov Region”
“The business of Don” is the only publication that is annual
Most of our participants cooperate with us every year
“The business of Don” was awarded with dozens of diplomas at exhibitions and competitions of professional skill


Our edition, unique in the region, has three levels of distribution: Rostov and the Rostov region, Russia, near and far abroad
It is not narrowly specialized, but covers all sectors of the economy of the Don: it presents both super-giants and active newcomers of the business community
Our book is published in Russian and English
It is a colorful gift edition, a presentation guide and a source of information about potential partners



About us they say

According to the level of entrepreneurship and business activity, the Rostov Region is among the ten leading regions of our country. Our region is ranked fifth in Russia based on the number of small businesses.
Further consolidation of accomplishments achieved by the business community of the Don represents an essential aspect driving the growth of economy. Therefore, we are implementing a new system of interaction between the authorities and business transforming regulation into cooperation.
Dear friends!
You are the people who know how to make the right decisions and assume responsibility. The Don region supports enterprising and talented businesspeople. To do that, we have considerably accelerated construction and decreased the time required for connection to utility lines, extended tax exemptions and proceed to remove administrative barriers step by step. I am confident that together we shall accomplish dynamic development of economy in the Rostov Region.
The Don Business annual digest is a summary of useful information about the leading companies of the region and investment opportunities in our cities and territories of the region.
I wish you stable operations, reliable partners, and exciting projects!

V.Y. Golubev, Governor of Rostov Region

This publication, published under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov region, has already become traditional and in demand. I am sure that the yearbook will continue to support the high prestige of entrepreneurs in the region and the entire Southern Federal District.
Rostov Region is successfully developing due to balanced, competent efforts of authorities, active position of business community.
A significant contribution to the development of the business life of the region and the entire Southern Federal District is made by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov region, which is constantly expanding the spheres of its fruitful activity.
I wish the unification of the entrepreneurs of the Don further success and implementation of the plans.

E. M. Primakov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation 2001-2011

This yearbook can rightly be called a visiting card of the Don economy. Here, under the same cover, useful information is collected both about our industrial giants and the enterprises of medium and small businesses. And not least, each of the participants tried to show the investment attractiveness of their enterprise, the development prospects.
I wish the participants and readers of the Yearbook “Business Dona – 2004 is represented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov Region” with successful accomplishments of your projects and plans aimed at further development of the Don economy.

V.F. Chub, Governor of the Rostov Region 1991-2010

Dear colleagues, friends!
I am glad to welcome the participants and readers of this specialized jubilee issue of «Business of the Don» prepared by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov region!
Rostov region is among the largest centers of diversified industry, developed agriculture, science and culture of Russia in the south of the country. Regional enterprises, information about which demonstrates the growth of business activity contributing to the effective socio-economic development, are well represented on the pages of this edition.
Much credit for this process belongs to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov region, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Over the years it has become an authoritative association of entrepreneurs, and continues to develop successfully. This is evidenced by the growth of the membership base, the quality and breadth of the range of services, constructive cooperation with the regional and local government structures.
I wish all entrepreneurs of Don stable performance, reliable partners, interesting projects and its successful realization for the benefit of Rostov region and the whole of Russia.

S.N. Katyrin, President of the chamber of commerce and industry of Russian Federation

In the investment-presentation album “Business of the Don – 2004 is represented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov region” you can find all the interesting information about the leading manufacturers of our business and hospitable city.
On behalf of all Rostovites, let me welcome the readers of the “Business of Don – 2004” album. I am sure that this publication will be useful for investors and guests of our city and will contribute to our common development and prosperity, the progressive movement forward. Rostov-on-Don is a city for investments, and it has an excellent future.

M.A. Chernyshev, Mayor of Rostov-on-Don 1990-2014

Dear colleagues!
I greet you on the pages of specialized annual book «Business of the Don», published with the support of the Rostov regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The «Business of the Don» is the calling card for a large number of enterprises. Traditionally, the pages of the publication present the companies and organizations that make up the backbone of business of the Don. They demonstrate the potential of business activity, the development of various sectors, qualitative growth of significant investment projects in the region.
In 2017 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov region will celebrate its 25th anniversary. For the past quarter of a century it serves as an open platform for dialogue between business and government, actively promoting publications, telling about the business life of the region.
I wish success and fruitful work for all businessmen. I am sure that in future you are waiting for the great deeds and brilliant victory to the delight of the Don region and Great Russia!

N.I. Prisyazhnyuk, President of Union «The chamber of commerce and industry of the Rostov Region»


Prisyazhnyuk N. I.

President of CCI of Rostov region

Vysokov V. V.

President of commercial Bank "Center-invest"

Аkperov I. G.

Rector of IMBL

Sizonenko E. A.

Director of the publishing house "Press Service"